What exactly is EasyShare, how do I use it, and what are its advantages?

EasyShare is an Android app that is used to share information from one device to another. You can now download and instal the app for your PC at This helps to share the file, app, or anything from one device to another device.

How do I use the app?

EasyShare is a simple and intuitive app for sharing data from one device to another. This app has two main functions:

  • File sharing
  • Device cloning

You can choose what to do at the start of the app.

File sharing

File sharing is used to share selected files from one PC with another PC.

Device cloning

Device cloning is used to copy the entire contents of the PC and paste them onto another device.

If you decide to send a file, select the option and choose the files that need to be transferred. The EasySharing app will focus on the file-sharing option based on your selection and get ready to share all the files that you selected for sharing. You just need to click the share button and scan the QR code shown on the receiver’s EasyShare app. The receiver will start receiving the files quickly, and this app is free to use.

Make sure that you have provided all the necessary permissions for the app to function properly without any malfunctions and to protect your data.

EasyShare is the most popular online sharing app for PC in the last year. Because it is a lightweight, free, and fast-sharing app, most people prefer it for transferring data from one device to another. This app does not even require an internet connection to share files. They connect to another device by using LAN or Bluetooth to send files. As a result, even without an internet connection, this app can be used anywhere and in any situation. You can install it at

EasyShare has several benefits for its users. Here are some of the most common advantages that people prefer about this shared app over others:

  • able to transfer large files
  • able to translate different file formats
  • able to clone your device
  • Up to 40 Mbps fast sharing
  • able to share across platforms
  • Ad-free