More about What does ketamine treatment feels like

Since there is a lot of hype about Ketamine treatment there is a still group of people who don’t know what ketamine treatment is and what does ketamine treatment feels like. Ketamine is a medical procedure that is being delivered through IV fluids. There have been huge number of a campaign to create awareness about what doesn ketamine treatment feels like. The most difficult part of this treatment is the insertion of the needle but the patient feels the pain while it goes in and not after that. The campaigns are being conducted with well-qualified professionals and experts with the help of demos to show what does ketamine treatment feel likeThe medication feels a little cold when it goes through the veins and your bloodstream. The experts closely monitor the function and on what ratio the treatment has to be supplied they work on that.

Functionality of ketamine

In Belgium in 1960, Ketamine was first discovered and started as an anesthesia medicine for animals. It was then approved by the FDA as an anesthetic for humans as well. It was mostly used on the soldiers during the Vietnam war. The researcher held that like any other anesthesia, ketamine doesn’t slow breathing or heart rate. So, there is no risk for the patient to be on ventilator support. At the time of emergency instances like suicide, it has been observed that ketamine infusion works as a great medication. When a person suffers from depression and anxiety the researcher have noted that the ketamine is given instantly to make them calm and make them free from all suicidal or bad thoughts. With the emergence of ketamine treatment, enough researchers have executed studies on them and the pros started getting piled up. Mostly, the researchers held that it is the best for those who suffer from anxiety and depression.

Receiving Ketamine

There are many forms in which ketamine is available. The one that has been approved by the FDA is in the form of a nasal spray called spravato which is used to cure depression and anxiety. It is only for adults who haven’t been helped by the medication of antidepressants and have major suicidal thoughts or chronic depression. They continue with their antidepressants with the help of ketamine infusion which they receive at the clinic. Where the health care providers keep a watch on them every two hours after the infusion has been given through a small needle.