Family Law In Houston: Understand About Family Violence

Family Law In Houston: Understand About Family Violence

Speak up about the word violence reflects the use of force that hurts someone or damages something. If that someone you are referring to is you or a family member is an extremely serious issue. The violence that happens under one roof is covered under the family law in Texas. Courts in Texas dealing with family violence cases has a significant impact on the family:

Level of court protection safeguarding the family from future violence

Effect of the restriction that the court puts up upon the offending party.

Who can help in case of family violence?

Family violence can destroy a family. But, the court’s objective is to protect the family, especially from further harm and establish a pathway to healing. Dealing with family violence is a serious matter that only family law attorneys in Houston can help you from in this situation in a family environment.

Who qualifies for family violence charges?

In the Texas Family Code, a family has a very important definition as with how important a family is. The definition of family under the Texas Family Code is a bit more expansive. A family includes consanguinity, which means related by blood or relationships established by marriage, including the in-laws. Persons who are former spouses also fall into the definition of a family in the Texas Family Code.

Yet, after a divorce, the in-laws are not considered a family. Persons who are parents of the same child/children, regardless of marriage are still a part of a family. It is how Texas is seriously concerned with the family, being the smallest unit of the community. A foster parent or a foster child, whether they reside together, competes for the definition of the family in the Texas Family Code.

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What violent act is considered a family violence crime?

Family violence is an act by a family member or household against another family member that intends to result in:

  • Physical harm
  • Bodily injury
  • Assault
  • Sexual assault

It also includes the act of threat that reasonably places the family member in fear of imminent physical harm, assault, bodily injury, or sexual assault. The defensive measures to protect oneself are unconsidered family violence.

Family violence includes abusiveness by the family member or household. Abuse is defined broadly in the Family Code, including:

  • Emotional or mental injury to a child
  • Physical injury to a child
  • Failure to make reasonable efforts to stop an abusive act by another individual
  • Sexual conduct that is dangerous to the child

Your family law attorney can explain further about family violence in Houston.