accordion hurricane shutters

Accordion Hurricane Shutters – Types And Standards

Hurricane shutters are a type of accordion shutter used to protect windows and doors from high winds which can damage the structure of a home. There are two types of accordion hurricane shutters, folding and fixed. Other names for this type of shutter include retractable, vinyl tilt-and-slide sash, and sliding window screens. Here are the different types of hurricane shutters:

Hurricane Panels

The most common type of hurricane shutter, these panels are also called “sloping” windows. This type of shutter is made up of one or more vertical panels which extend from the bottom to the top of the window and are often used in corners or around door. Panels can be made from wood, fiberglass, a combination of both, or almost any other material. They tend to be lightweight and easy to install.

Rolling Shutter Systems

Rolling shutter systems are usually composed of plywood panels that are hinged at the upper corners and extend downward to cover an entire opening. Rolling shutters must be secured by a bar at the top of the window and by a bottom track on the floor.

Rolling shutters are extremely strong. They can withstand hurricane-force winds and can bear the full weight of roof material, such as roofing tile, since they roll up from the bottom instead of from one side like vertical panels do.

Colonial Hurricane Shutters

Also known as the “New England” shutter, this type of shutter is a louvered type. They usually consist of two or more vertical panels and are secured by a top track and a bottom bar that is attached to the floor. They also have hinges in the middle to allow for opening. This type of shutter allows air to flow through in addition to light.

Accordion Shutters

These shutters are made of one or more vertical panels that are hinged at the top and extend downward to cover an entire opening. The hurricane panels can be folded up or down and locked into place by a bar on the top rail. Accordion shutters are not as strong as other types, but many find them indispensable where light control is needed.

Bahama Shutters

Also called the “Bahama Rolling Shutter,” this shutter consists of three to five vertical panels extended from the top to cover an entire opening. At one end, there is a bar that connects all panels and at the other end, a track with wheels and a handle is attached. The panels can be rolled up or down depending on whether it’s being used as ventilation or not.